Posted: January 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

What’s with the style of dressing these days?!…boys ‘sagging’ and girls with low-riding denim pants and all. We need to explore the reasons behind these trend of dressing. For majority, as far as they are concerned, dressing this way could lead to anti-social behaviors while from the adolescents’ point of view, “they like to send social signals and labels”.
Indecent exposure is fast becoming an important health-related issue in our society (Nigeria please!). How?! Do the words HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections, rape, pregnancy, come to mind? Well these ‘consequences’ are strongly associated to scanty dressing.
Now who takes the blame for this then?…is it me or you, or the so-called modern-day parents, or the government, or even the churches? Well a lot of school of thoughts put the blame on parents and their mode of parenting. For instance, Mama go wear her 4yr old bum shorts and that same child go still continue to wear that same bum shorts till she reach 15yrs!…after dem go complain say person sexually harass am! (i can’t shout abeg!)
For your information, a recent study on 283 adolescents in age group 10-19yrs, was carried out in Metropolitan Lagos which showed that there was a strong association between dressing habit and sexual comportment. It also showed that those that were scantily dressed were vulnerable to sexual acts and are likely to be more exposed to HIV/AIDS and all. The study showed that most of these adolescents wore certain clothes for various reasons and in their own words, “I want to be noticed by boys especially big boys”, “I want to dress to thrill”, and “Sex for cash”!
To cut matter short…what can we do to curb indecent exposure from scanty dressing? Or make we siddon look?! Because you know now…i can’t shout!


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