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A sad mood engulfed a village after a 12-year-old boy committed suicide by hanging himself last night.

It is said that the boy locked himself in his room after the parents argued at their house. He had earlier on complained to his friends that his dad always quarreled the mother and he was not happy about their parents’ lifestyle.
According to Njoro OCPD Peter Njeru, the body of the standard six pupil was discovered by his mother, hanging from his room on Thursday night at 8pm.
Njeru explained that the mother was concerned when the boy did not show up for supper and when she went to call him she found his body dangling on a rope.
The boy is said to have left a note saying he had left his books with his class teacher but he did not offer any clear explanation as to why he decided to end his life.
The OCPD expressed concern over the rise of juvenile suicides and advised parents to open up with their children and be free to discuss issues that might be affecting them.
The body was taken to Molo District Hospital morgue.

Courtesy Naija news.

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