Posted: May 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


Ever wondered how your teen got to know about the internet, more so, get into it and I mean really into it! Not that it is a bad thing to see your child very “up-to-date” with the computer, but sometimes I can’t help but worry about the extent of internet usage. 

Cyberspace surely allows adolescents the benefits of expressing themselves, as well as, exploring new friendships and experimenting with their identity. We also know that it offers a wealth of educative options and helps them keep up with their favourite hobbies, music, sports, and so much more.
But what we should understand, is that cyberspace is like a ‘Big City’ where the adolescents meet the good, the bad and the ugly. It does have a lot of downsides with varying degrees of  problems such as addiction, cybersex, radical political groups, satanic groups and formation of somewhat artificial, shallow and transient relationships. 
The very scary one which is a real cyberspace dilemma is the issue of  ‘Adult Predators’. You are never sure who that other person maybe that chats with your teen. That 17yr old flirtatious girl could be a 47yr old man who may present himself as a supportive, sympathetic confidant who encourages your child to discuss personal problems and who eventually becomes emotionally attached to the predator.
Finally, the question is ‘How should parents be involved?’ These adolescents need control and to achieve that measure of control, rules need to be made! I don’t think sitting beside them while they browse would do the trick but rather, trying to get them learn how to use the internet judiciously even when not under supervision. This judicious use can also be achieved by communicating to them the pros and cons of  internet usage. Parents can address addiction problems by assigning an internet log time.
Finally (seriously, the real finally!), we should really bother about what our teens are really doing in cyberspace and not just lie to ourselves saying, “They have to keep up with other kids”. 
Hint: We can start with those doors that lead to cyberspace such as that blackberry you gave your kid last month or the android phones and tablets littered in their rooms or better still that iphone 

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