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This is a commom phrase (or should I say story) and answer kids get from parents to questions concerning sex, sexuality and reproduction. Oh, come on guys!! Who do you think you are fooling…telling that funny story! Do you expect your kids to keep up with that answer? Ehn, if you like don’t tell them the truth according to their age and exposure, someone will help you do it and in a way that you may not approve of…practically, I mean!

I understand your fears but for how long are you going to keep telling this story that doesn’t reflect the truth about sexuality and reproduction. If questions on this hard-to-talk-about-topics come up, please do not beat about the bush, especially  if you are not comfortable talking about them or you know nothing about it.

What parents need to know is that kids just don’t ask those questions based on imagination but on what they might have seen or heard and so they just need clarifications from the most trusted person(s) in his or her world…Mum or Dad!

The point is not to hush the child up or change the topic or tell  ‘the birds and bees’ story but to give an age-appropriate information that will not only be simplified according to their level of understanding but will be accurate.

I am not sure if you guys have noticed but kids are growing up too fast these days! You see a 5yr old boldly asking questions on sex, relationship and reproduction a 15yr old would ordinarily ask or even feel too shy to mention!

It’s a parent (be it mother or father)’s primary responsibility to discuss sex issues with children as opportunity arises. It’s important that they know the facts so that they can be comfortable with themselves as emerging sexual beings and make well-informed decisions at appropriate times.

The following are some useful tips on how to start the ‘sex talk’ with your kid(s):

  • Get educated or informed on FAQs (frequently asked questions). This will help you overcome your total ignorance, fear and anxiety when the series of questions come up!
  • Start building a good communication line between you and your kids. It makes it easier for the kids to come to you for about anything.
  • Learn to pick cues when you are with your kid (either from what they say or do). This tells you….it’s time for that talk!
  • Fill your kids with facts on the issue. Helps to foster the spirit of trust and respect. If you lie about the subject and they find out…you think they will ask you again?!
  • And if you don’t have the right information on sex and sexuality issues, refer your kids to an Adolescent Health Centre. 
On a final note, please stop this propaganda on ‘the birds and bees’ story and start telling these kids facts about intimacy, sharing and being responsible to themselves and the people they choose to relate with.

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