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it depends on u

If two lovers that stay apart, already working, saving and planning a future together, note their parent are involved… How do u feel they can see themselves without hugging, kissing or even having sex. Although it depends on the truthfulness…the choice is theirs to make.
—Guest guest petrox

Off course

The apostle Paul in the Bible says that you must present your body pure as a living sacrifice, which is the will of God.
—Guest Gianne Frankel

Why does it even matter to you?

It’s a person’s choice whether to have sex; it’s their body and not anyone else’s. To make someone wait until marriage is not only unrealistic, it forces your will on someone else. Some people don’t believe in marriage. Does that mean they should remain virginal for the rest of their lives? Adam and Eve were not married. They were merely committed to one another. King David had a harem of women that he was not married to. I feel that if two people are emotionally, spiritually, and physically mature enough to have sex and deal with the consequences, they can. Sex is a natural thing that our bodies were literally made to do. It is not something that decreases over time, it is not something that you can only give away once. So, what is the difference? What about people who are raped or molested? Are they also sinning? Does sex automatically become something less meaningful because one has done it before? I feel that if you are committed and able, you can, and no one should object.
—Guest Michelle

never ever before marriage

It’s totally wrong to have sex before marriage because it’s against our religion and it’s like we cheat our life partner whom we are going to marry in the future. Let it be reserved for the someone.
—Guest sahil

Be positive

Guys, God and science are different things. They said all this thing starts from a theory called big bang. But how did primates begin? Of course, God created them. By the power of God he gave the ability to evolve. Talk about evolution, now we talk about science. God and science help each other to make humans survive in this world.
—Guest Nick

personal choice

Hi, I am a fervent believer in GOD and I’m 19 years old and still a virgin. It is hard, and I believe it will be worth the wait. I initially made the choice to wait at a young age (and didn’t understand just how hard it would but I don’t like to see people use the Bible to scare others or interpret verses wrong. I chose to wait to sacrifice myself to show GOD my love for Him. If you don’t have a personal reason to wait, such as waiting for the right person; to avoid an STD; unwanted pregnancy, then don’t waste your time being unhappy. I believe waiting will show you just how strong you are.
—Guest guestpo

Sex Before Marriage is wrong

God created us in His Image, we were created to be like God. He has ordered us to marry to avoid fornication. This means sex is only for married people. Anyone who does it outside marriage is committing fornication and must face the judgement of God if he or she doesn’t repent. So, let’s avoid sex before marriage. Eat the ripe fruit to avoid acidic content of unripe fruit. In summary, wait for your time to have sex. Thank you.
—Guest Anthony Eyo Utin

It’s perfectly fine

Sex before marriage is perfectly fine and normal. Most people do it, even self-righteous purity mongers who claim it’s sinful. I personally think it’s better to do it before marriage because you get time to figure out what and who makes you feel good before you make a lifelong commitment to someone who may or may not be able to satisfy you. If you believe in God, do you really believe an “all-loving” being is going to torture you for eternity for doing what your body was made to do? Do you really think doing a loving, mutually fun and pleasurable thing is on par with murder? The most important thing is to do what feels right for YOU. If you’re not comfortable doing it before marriage, that’s fine too.
—Guest MuffinW

Of course

God is the ultimate bureaucrat, and insists that all of your proper state marriage paperwork be in order before certain parts of your body are allowed to touch certain parts of another person’s body. Not only should you be married before touching your loved one’s no-no special place, you should make sure that three copies of all legal forms are sent to God via certified mail. Request a return receipt. Otherwise, God will set you on fire forever. Because He loves you.
—Guest Stickface


You have been created in the image of God. The image of God is holy and pure. Wait until you get married, you have something very precious to offer to the man or woman your heart desires. 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4 – “It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable”
—Guest Faaonea

@Guest Ram fam

Premarital sex is the question here, and boyfriends aren’t slaves, so your arguement is invalid, sorry :(. But i remember reading a verse that said everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. Also, Ephesians Chapter 4:17-19 tell Christians not to live like those who do not believe. Just because something is ok does not make it completely right; in fact it can be wrong. Free will gives a choice between right and wrong, each choice with a consequence. Adam and Eve were not married with the modern-day ceremony, but God made Eve for Adam from his bones and Genesis 2:23-24 explains marriage. Abraham didn’t marry Hagar, but look at the consequence. Hagar and Ishmael were banished into the desert by Sarah, who became jealous. Lot’s daughters were condemned by God after they tricked him into having sex with them. The Ammonites and Moabites were punished because of their ancestors: Lot’s daughters. Finally, the 10 Commandments say to not commit adultery.
—Guest Trains

yes. 100% wrong

The Bible is clear in many cases that fornication, adultry is wrong. If you sleep with someone before marriage, it is adultery. You are sleeping with an unmarried man/woman. To everybody who says it is ok to sleep with someone you love, lies. False. Read 1Cor7. The Bible clearly says I’d burn you with passion, get married. Don’t fall for lust. Get married and avoid Satan’s trap. It is amazing how many people have sex before marriage – Satan’s will not God’s will – and then very soon after marriage many things happen to stop sex. That’s when it is God’s will to have sex and Satan’s will to not have sex.
—Guest Gerbrand

It fine

I think it is ok. Think, what if you don’t have the money to wed. I bet you didin’t think of that.
—Guest rayanne

I am eager to do it

No. Before marriage, sex is a thing everyone should enjoy.
—Guest kuran


Oh FFS, stop using God as an escuse because it’s just sad. I think it’s their choice to have sex before marriage and it can help a relationship. But God is not real. No God, no nothing (I’m atheist). It was science and evolution that brought us to Earth.
—Guest God=non real


My Point Is…

First thing’s first. Times have changed, yes, but GOD’S LAW DOES NOT. Okay? Okay. 2nd, Birth control and condoms. They don’t always work, so why risk it? And also, birth control can ruin your body and health. 3rd, diseases. That’s pretty self explanatory, I think. 4th, Without sex, couples become more trusting in knowing that they only want each other, and outside things won’t bother their relationship. Also, if you have sex before, that partner might just leave you in the dust. You can become addicted to sex. Your body will be overcome by disease from all of your partners, as well as passing diseases to them. And by the time you settle down and want kids, chances are you won’t even be able to because the diseases scar your sex organs. And there’s the end of that.
—Guest Nicole

No sex without love and consequences

I think pre-marital sex is not wrong. However, I believe that sex should be with someone you care deeply enough to share yourself with. AND, that both men and women are able to deal with the consequences of sex. Remember, if a child is born from this union, both parents must deal…same with a disease, both are there for the long term. I am in my late 20s, and I am waiting for someone special, but if I choose not to marry, should I remain celibate for the rest of my life? I do not think so. When the time and person feels right to me, then I will have sex. I am ready and able to use preventative measures for the possibilities of pregnancy and disease. As for those who think masturbation is evil, my opinion is that it is healthy to explore one’s body, especially if you are going to preach pre-marital sex is wrong. For you Catholics (I was raised Catholic), why are you so focused on pre-marital sex when priests are molesting the children they are supposed to be teaching?
—Guest Ravenna



If you want to

I have read some of the responses on here and people are so close minded. First, people need to understand that not everybody believes in God, so if you really want to convince total strangers that they shouldn’t have sex, then try thinking of a real-life reason that everybody in the entire world can believe, whether they are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, or whatever they are. Second, Guest NiicOlLee claims to be a 17-year-old virgin, which is great if it is true, and that she wants to wait until she is married, which she should do if that’s what she wants. Yes, she should be applauded for sticking to her own beliefs in a society that mocks her, however how does she know that everybody who does have sex before marriage will regret it? I know I did. I have two children out of wedlock, who were both surprises but never unwanted, who will both make the world a better place. I didn’t fall pregnant to my first or even my second sex partner. I have never been married and have no plan to get married.
—Guest GO FOR IT


Yes, you should wait. Now, I have three kids and the father is gone, and I take care of them by myself. It is very hard. How I wish the Lord sent me a husband, a partner with whom I could worship God and could help me through this life. God, save me. Help guide me please.
—Guest Marie 3

No sex before marriage

I did not have sex before getting married, but my wife gave her virginity to her first boyfriend. I was hurt when I found out. But my love for her motivated me to marry her all the same. We have three children, but somehow I feel that I missed something important in my life, which cannot be remedied. There’s something very special about a couple’s first time for both. This exclusive experience of discovery and pleasure should happen only within the intimacy of marriage. If we don’t wait, we miss out on a very special blessing from God.
—Guest Guest LHS


I’m 17 and have been in the position and said no. Personally, I know I’m not ready. I am not sure if I will have sex before marriage, but I know I will love and trust the person who takes my virginity. It will not be anytime soon. But I don’t believe someone shouldn’t have sex just because of a book.
—Guest justagirl

Just Wait, OK

I am planning to wait until I’m married. I’m Christian, and it’s wrong in the eyes of God. Also, its way more special that way.
—Guest sabrina

It’s a sin

Sex before marriage is a sin against God. God help us.
—Guest Debby

Sex before marriage is wrong

Sex before marriage is wrong. I had sex before marriage though I did not want to have it, but my boyfriend manipulated my mind and forcibly had sex with me. We were unprotected, and now I have very serious STD. And every moment I curse myself for letting a guy spoil my life. Everyone should wait for the right person who is healthy and does not have any disease, so that you can have a happy life and children from your love.
—Guest Sad gal


How does one marry God, the lord of lord’s and high host of host’s? How does one marry themselves to the king of kings? This is what God reveled to me. Marriage is spiritual, if you’re with your chosen spouse, the one whom you will spend the rest of your life with. The person who gives back to you equal and unending love, and affection, you are married in spirit, as you are married only to God and Jesus through spirit and faith. No piece of paper can make that any less true or false. No piece of paper can declare one Christian above another in relation to GOD can it? If you are with the man or woman you love, and feel you will love forever, you are married. And if you are married in spirit then how can it be a sin to become one with your spouse in flesh? Before you ask if waiting for sex is good, bad, indifferent, ask yourself what does marriage truly mean to me? And pray for guidance. Bless you my brethren, ye chosen that walk with the Lord Almighty.
—Guest SoldierOfGod

why it is wrong?

Most of them are saying it is sin. But why? The reason is simple. The aim of sex is not pleasure. It is intended for sharing love and becoming one body. Children are the product of this love or love is making children. Everyone knows that God is love. So, this is how he is continuing his creation. Pre-marital sex goes against love. Anything against love is sin.
—Guest aaa

Sex Before Marriage is Indeed Wrong

No matter how we may all have (at one time or another) tried to justify having sex before marriage, it is clearly wrong scripturally speaking. There is nowhere in the Bible where it is even hinted that sex before marriage or outside of marriage is right or acceptable to God. Quite the contrary, God expresses His disapproval quite clearly. Do not accept the personal opinions of people, including mine. Go to the Bible; look for passages that speak about sex, and read for yourself what God commands about sex, because at the end of the day, when our short life on earth is over, God is the only One whose opinion matters. He is the Judge who issues His judgment based upon whether you and I sought man’s approval or His. Don’t be fooled to believe that these topics and our choices are unimportant. They all have consequences, both temporary and eternal.
—Guest Sonja

Sex Before Marriage: It’s Sin

Remember, to disobey the word of God is a sin. So, if He has told us in His word: do not fornicate and if you do, what does that mean? It’s a sin. So, sex before marriage is a sin. God is against that and anyone involved in that is sinful. Period.
—Guest Philip Gongar

Opinion from a Year 10 student

I am 14 years old and a virgin, and I plan to wait until I’m married. I am Christian, but not hugely. I want my first time having sex to be special, and with the one I truly love.
—Guest Summer


no need before marriage

If we have sex before marriage, then our interest is weak after marriage. You lose the power to have those happy moments and do new things when you’re newlyweds. Things change as time passes.
—Guest dari

opinions are opinions.

I think everyone should worry about themselves and not everyone else. I am not married, I have had sex, and I’m not currently with anyone. I am single. And you know what? I’m happy. I don’t have regrets, I don’t think I ruined my life. And when I find someone one da,y he will understand the decisions I have made. That is that. I don’t go sleeping around. But I have slept with multiple people. And I learned many things and I just think they are experiences that will help me be the best I can be for the one I will be with for the rest of my life. If I didn’t go through some of what I went through I don’t think I would be ready and capable to sustain a relationship with that ‘one and only’ if I find him. Everyone is different. I have to do things to learn from them. So, yes I make mistakes. But I never make them more than once. And I don’t think sex before marriage is a mistake.
—Guest Alexis


People, this isn’t how the world works these days. I am a high school freshman, and this is not how things work anymore. People have sex all the time, and they’re not even going out. I do it all the time! It’s amazing, I love it. Just get used to it. God loves you no matter what.
—Guest Uknowit111


Adam and Eve weren’t married to each other because they were the only man and woman on earth. They didn’t need legal binding. And Lot committed a huge sin and so did his daughters in tempting him. Leviticus is Old Testament and is not entirely applicable. You have to understand the context. God has specific commandments to the Israelites because of their pagan surroundings, so before you accuse someone of not reading their Bible, make sure you understand yours before you preach it, brother. If not for religious reasons, refrain for the sake of emotions. Save yourself and guard your heart for the one person you’re meant for. Do the things that you want your future spouse to be doing.
—Guest Guest22

Premarital sex

Yes, premarital sex is wrong by my personal beliefs and my Christian convictions of moral ethics. The body chemistry that gives rise to sexual urges are biologically pioneered, but the mind is the kitchen from where this thought is cooked.The mind needs a divine school master, which is the holy spirit, for proper discipleship of the flesh which is the body. Naturally,we are wired such that at a certain stage in life, this desire for sex begins to erupt like an extruding volcano. I want to say that the media has really done more harm than good when it comes to the discipline of the mind. I will suggest that people, not only youths, should avoid watching pornography, nude photographs, and avoid discussions start up the drive for premarital sex. Intending couples should avoid discussions that relate to their sexual lives until they are a few weeks or days to their marriage. The place of the holy spirit through prayers and studying the word of God is also indispensable. Thanks.
—Guest Unimos;Nigeria

It’s wrong, just wait

I mean all the people who support premarital sex go on about how it’s ok if you’re in love. Well, then just tell me this: if your so “in love,” why can’t you just wait and legitimize your first time in the eyes of society but most importantly in the eyes of God? If you really love each other, you won’t be scared that the other person will make a run for it before you get a chance to have sex. No, he or she will wait (just like you will) because you both respect each other too much to make your first time ordinary and sordid.
—Guest Daisy


Sex before marriage is not wrong. But sex before marriage with an untrustworthy person is wrong and it will cause you to suffer with lots of problems.
—Guest ak

it is wrong

Sex before marriage is a sin. Yes, it is quite tempting but you have to try and overcome it. God help us.
—Guest INI

It’s wrong

I have always thought of it, this way: let’s imagine you having a party, where you have invited your best friend. This friend comes with a gift for you. How can you react if you realize that the gift is something you had some time back. Take yourself. If someone would come to tell you the lady or man you plan to marry has had sex numerous time, how would you feel? It’s clear. Wait for your time and enjoy sex.
—Guest Mr Owiti

it’s absoultly wrong

God says in the Bible that Adam and Eve are both are in the garden. (GEN 3:15 to 21)
—Guest guest

sex before marriage is wrong

I call it fornication and it is a matter of lust. As Christians, we must develop self control.
—Guest trice

Sex before Marriage

I have a boyfriend who I am madly in love with (about four years now) but he’s not a Catholic like me (no religion, believes in a creator of this world). So, it’s my decision to say when we can finally have that day of sexual contact. However, I have thought about it so much, always keeping God in my head, and I’ve come down to the conclusion that I’m still too young (17 years old), very naive, and irrational to go to that level. I feel like I know what love is with him, but I couldn’t possibly give my virginity before marriage. Of course, have sex with someone you love, but because of my religion and my choice, I will wait until marriage. In general, don’t give your body just for pleasure, do it for love! Also, my boyfriend always tells me that he doesn’t need sex from me, only my heart, so if he can wait until marriage by those words, then I definitely found a keeper.
—Guest Hannah


Sex must come into action when people truly love each other, and when they love to live life together. And when they truly believe in each other, in marriage and life after marriage. It is a pleasure, but a pleasure of true love and not lust.
—Guest Nike

it depends

My friend had sex with his girlfriend before marriage. Unfortunately, she became pregnant. My friend promised to stay and and after three years they became a family with one kid. My friend worked hard to ensure that his promise to marry this girl could be fulfilled. I tell you true love makes things possible because Richard made it and married this lady with whom he has shared difficult experiences. God has blessed their marriage, even financially, thus from him i realized that sex before marriage may not be wrong, as long as true love exists between the partners. This means they can stand to face any consequences that may arise as result of sex. That’s better than having sex after marriage and later divorcing and marrying someone else.
—Guest james .sector

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