Oh,what a tag! “The violent child”…No child was born to be violent. No child was born to be a monster! No child was born to kill other people. That child was born to be nurtured,cautioned and showered with love. That child was supposed to be born to responsible parents who were supposed to transmit good values to him or her…
With the recent killings in Sandy Hook Elementary School, America, it makes one wonder about the kind of parents who raise children. Now 20 innocent children not to mention the 8 adults who were killed have had their bright lives cut short all because of one “violent child”.
Everyone is putting blames on something.Parents should be blamed for not reaching out for expert help to manage a troubled child. If parents are having issues at home in the full glare of their kids, of cos you should know that the kids will suffer some amount of psychological trauma no matter how much they try to cover it. No matter the situaution, let a psychologist see your child or else other innocent people suffer the consequence(s).
Pretending that your child has no issue or fooling yourself that the problem will pass, will not solve the problem! Schools should periodically subject their students to a mini-mental state exam.
Please let’s all join hands and end this societal madness. Report a mentally unstable child in your neighbourhood. Follow your instincts. Preferrably do not just inform parents,inform the authorities because some parents love to live in denial. Peace!

  1. winiliscious says:

    Well said!!! Mental illness is not an adult thingy…..Children also become mentally challenged (and I’m not talking about down syndrome etc)!! ;given all that is going on around us!!

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